"While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

Monday, October 27, 2008


I know, I know...you have been wondering when I would update my blog. My computer has had a virus but now I am finally back online!! I have been thinking about this blog for months but now that I am able to sit at the computer and start writing...well...I need a little more time. I have tons to blog about but can't possibly get it all in tonight so I will just update you on the baby.

Carter is doing sooooo much better! For a few months, he had colic. He still has days that resemble the colic (like tonight - Craig has Olivia Grace's play vacuum sitting by he and Carter in the rocking chair) but for the past two weeks I have had a new baby. Our pediatrician prescribed Zantac for acid reflux and then another medicine with a really long name that causes the food in his stomach to go to his intestines much quicker. That is to prevent the acid from coming up into the esophagus so much. He was being prayed for by sooo many people and I am extremely thankful! I know the Lord has had his hand on Carter and myself since his birth because we have come through a difficult time with a testimony. Carter doesn't have daycare anymore because he was having such a difficult time. However, Craig's dad and grandmother have graciously offered to keep him until he is completely better and we can find full time daycare. He is getting there and we are adjusting well to our new little one. When I say new, I mean new as in the past two weeks new. Because, bless his heart, he really hasn't been able to go anywhere the past few months. He did go to church once or twice when he first came home but not lately. Saturday, we went to the beach to get Olivia Grace a Halloween costume and a few shirts for the winter. He did really well. He hates the car seat so he cried the whole way over there and back. But he did great while we were shopping. He also went to church Sunday and was in amazement. He could not get enough of the music and hands in the air. Becky was helping the praise and worship team so she came and got him and took him to the front with her to sing. The preacher prayed for him and he just laid back and took it all in. It was precious and I just cried thinking of how good the Lord is to see us through each difficult situation that comes our way. I do have a few pictures to share but I have to reload my photo software on this computer. I will post some this week. Thanks for checking in and thanks to those who have been praying for us - God is sooo good!!