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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Carter's First "Official" Haircut

With all that has been going on the past few weeks, it was nice to celebrate another of Carter's first on Tuesday. As most of you know, he was born with more hair than some babies have when they are a year old. I knew he would need a haircut long before OG had her first but didn't expect it to be the week he turned 8 months old.

I have to admit...I did cut the back of his hair when he was four months old because it was soooo long that I couldn't take it anymore. That wasn't an "official" haircut so it didn't count.

His grandparents and great-grandparents have been begging us to get his hair cut for at least 2 months. I was just so afraid that he wouldn't look like my little baby anymore. I really want him to stay a baby as long as possible! It is kinda sad to think that he may be my last baby and he already has to have a haircut.

I noticed this past week that his bangs were hanging in his eyes so I decided I finally had to do it. I had to cut my baby's hair even if it meant that he wouldn't be my tiny baby anymore. We went Tuesday. I held him and Becky took the pictures. He was so good! I was actually surprised at how still he was sitting.

In the end, I was actually very pleased with his new haircut. She just rounded it around his face, got the bangs out of his eyes, and shortened it over his ears and in the back. He actually still looks like my little baby. I learned with Olivia Grace that they grow up way too fast so there is no need in pushing them. I want to enjoy every minutes with my babies because, before long, they won't be "my babies" anymore!


The Newton's said...

He is so prec. I thought Julianne would have lots of hair b/c Jayce did. I even packe Bows! She had hair on the sides but not the top. But she's prec anyway.

stacy o. said...

So cute. And he still looks like a baby!

Claire said...

Tanya, he looks so cute. I didn't realize that you took him to Tammy to get it cut. I taught her oldest son when I worked in g'town. She did a good job. Mr. Carter is too cute!!